Palma Christi

Organic Castor Oil

Organic Castor oil naturally rich in ricinoleic acid and vitamin E, penetrates deep into the skin. Each step of its production, from planting to pressing, has been carried out under attentive supervision to bring you the finest quality possible. The properties of the soil where it is grown ensure that it is not sticky like most other castor oils on the market. Used in cosmetics, for hair and scalp health, massage and poultice. For external use.

120 ml

240 ml

960 ml

Pure Castor Oil

The authentic, guaranteed effective Palma Christi, used by practitioners of naturopathy, for Edgar Cayce's natural remedies, and for treatment of inflammation, soreness, aches and pains. Palma Christi Pure is naturally rich in vitamin E which confers most of its anti-inflammatory and cosmetic properties. Ideal for massages and packs. For external use. 100% pure, cold pressed.

Available sizes:  250ml, 500ml and 960ml

Palma Kit

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Palma Christi Pure with a synergy of essential oils. Ideal for insect bites, contusions, sunburn, cuts, burns and much more.
Rich in vitamin E; promotes fast healing.

Pocket format (30ml).


Ready-to-use natural and therapeutic poultice; an excellent asset in naturopathy treatments. Based on green clay, Palma Christi Pure and essential oils. An Innov’Import Int exclusive. This poultice combines the strength of clay with the power of castor oil. Ideal for relieving muscle or joint pain and local inflammation.


Organic Moroccan Clay

Ghassoul (pronounced rassoul) is a natural mineral clay used for millenia by Middle Eastern women for cosmetic hair and skin care. This silicon, magnesium, calcium and potassium-rich clay is extracted from the only known beds in the world, located in Morocco in proximity to the town of Fes.
In Morocco, Ghassoul is an integral part of the hammam (hot steam bath) ritual and is traditionally offered to young brides. Even today the Moroccan Royal Family reserves one of the many Djebl-Ghassoul deposits strictly for personal use.

Ghassoul, a very gentle treatment!
Unlike soaps and shampoos, Ghassoul does not contain surfactants. It gentlycleanses by absorbing impurities and excess oil. This soft, unctuous scrub respects natural, protective lipids on skin and hair, and does not irritate sebacious glands. Excellent as a soothing facial mask or hair treatment.

Ghassoul is especially recommended for use on sensitive or allergenic skin.

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