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Panaxco Ginseng, 10 vials

PANAXCO INC.products are cultivated with ecological methods in the most northern areas of ginseng's natural growing region, where the rigorous climate promotes better rooting of the plant and optimal development of its active properties. Therefore, their ginseng is among the bests on earth as it contains the higher rate of ginsenosides.

PANAXCO INC., the largest ginseng farm in Quebec, has developed Canadian ginseng decoctionvials with the help of several specialized laboratories in Quebec. Throughout their development, they subjected their vials to rigorous laboratory analysis. This allows them to guarantee the active ginsenoside content in their 20 mg ampoules.

Canadian PANAXCO ginseng helps to:
· Reduce fatigue and stress.
· Tone up the immune system.
· Increase vitality (physical and mental capacities).
· Improve blood circulation.
· Regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
· Sleep better.
· Reduce hot flashes and night sweats.
· Lower (regulate) blood pressure.
· Can act as anti-inflammatory and antipyretic (bring down fever).


Dosage:Take one or two vials daily, in a glass of water or orange juice. To be taken in the morning, on a empty stomach preferably 15 to 20 minutes before eating.


Ingredients: Canadian ginseng 20.00mg